Questions about sex? There are cartoons for that

Humor is often times used to get through embarrassing situations. Sometimes they can get you out of trouble and other times, they can make things even worse.  Humor is universal but what brings a smile in one place may do the exact opposite in another and so it’s always important to know a little of the customs of this far away land you’re visiting before cracking up a joke.  A Chinese friend of mine invited me once for dinner.  His mother had spent a lot of time cooking and as we sat down to start eating, she, as the Chinese custom dictated it made fun of her poor cooking sills.  I hadn’t tasted anything so didn’t know how much of an expert chef she was, so instead of keeping my mouth still, I said to her that if she thought she was a bad cook, she hadn’t tasted my own cooking…  I was never invited to eat again.

Humor is often used when talking about sex.  After all if there’s one subject that has the ability embarrass most people, it is indeed the intimacy we share in our bedrooms.  That humor can be expressed as jokes we share with each other after a meal, or in was of a phone sex cartoon like this one:


Another example of humor to make a point?  Here is how girlfriend could bridge the delicate subject of not getting enough of it at home:


Here are some funny jokes about phone sex.  None of them are from me:

I had phone sex last night….
Had to get the morning after bill.

Here’s another one:

I’m not stupid enough to pay for phone sex.
But my boss on the other hand…

Sex jokes often involve some crude language which is why they are usually left for later in the evening.  Here’s one that’s definitely for the prude at heart:


They say laughter is the best therapy of all and it is a fact that has been proven scientifically.  Laughing does all kinds of things to our body and mind and as the old say goes:

Happy people live longer

So if you want to enjoy yourself, live long and prosper, humor is your friend as long as it doesn’t offend others.

Humor takes on many guises. Here is one about humiliation phone sex I found. Enjoy